When many people think about a trip to Washington, D.C., they think about the White House and other political-type landmarks and attractions, as well as figures and topics. And while it’s true that D.C. has its fair share of amazing political-oriented attractions, there is so much more in our nation’s capital. Take a look at the top four reasons to visit Washington, D.C., even if a visit to the White House isn’t quite your cup of tea.

1.    Museums: If you love to visit museums, Washington, D.C. is your calling. Here, 11 of 19 Smithsonian museums exist, as well as art galleries and a plethora of other choices. It’s easy to make an entire weekend out of museum visits.

2.    Food: D.C. is a food lover’s paradise, with a collection of restaurants to suit every taste and budget. Taco trucks, pizza joints, burger places, and five-star Michelin dining are found in D.C. Come hungry!

3.    Free Stuff: So many people assume that is expensive to visit Washington, D.C., when the truth is that it’s not any more expensive than other places to visit. But, there are tons of free things to see, do, and explore while you’re in town so saving money is pretty easy.

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4.    Nightlife: D.C. has a pretty impressive nightlife scene, particular for people who enjoy a nice, strong cocktail. Live music venues are also extremely popular in D.C. And you thought it was all business and suits!

With so many exciting reasons to visit Washington, D.C., don’t you agree that it is time to plan this trip? Arrange a Bus rental DC, plan the itinerary, and prepare for an unforgettable trip that will leave you with so many special memories to treasure for a lifetime.